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Dear Student,

 You are a unique person filled with latent potential. We would like to help you explore the richness of character you are endowed with. To achieve this we need your cooperation and collaboration. Selfimposed discipline will help you acquire sublime ideals and attitudes. The following guidelines would help you in this regard.

1. Be simple in your ways and words.
2. Avoid using indecent language.
3. Practise courtesy.
4. Co-operate with others and secure the cooperation of others in all the activities.
5. Be honest and sincere in all your dealings.
6. Cultivate the spirit of sacrifice and be ready to extend help to those in need.
7. Be cheerful and optimistic, radiating joy in your surroundings.
8. Be clean in your person and modest in your dress.
9. Consider and treat others as your brothers and sisters.
10. Do your best in studies and in anything you undertake.
11. Say GOOD MORNING and GOOD EVENING at proper times.
12. Use PLEASE and THANK YOU while asking for or receiving anything. Say BEG PARDON or EXCUSE ME when you make a mistake.
Updated on: 14 Jul 2018