Working hours


1. The Parents / Guardians are the real educators. The school is the helper and plays a complimentary role in this matter. The parents should therefore, involve themselves in their child’s studies and be interested in their homework. Do the part in inculcating regular good habits and discipline.
2. Parents are expected to meet the class teacher and the subject teachers for any clarification or to discuss the progress of their children only after the class (3:40pm)
3. Nobody can study well without proper relaxation and games. Hence, the parents should encourage the children to participate in the co-curricular activities organized in the school.
4. The Parents are requested to come to the school whenever called either by the school authorities or by the teacher. The Parents should make it a points to come to collect the child’s Report Card when called.
5. The Parents are expected to present for the PTA meeting s and involve themselves actively for the good and growth of the school.
6. Parents must see the timetable everyday and send the books according to the timetable.
7. Matters pertaining to school will be done on school working days and during the working hours only.
8. Any communication to the school is to be made to the proper school authorities.
9. To get any official reply or certificate from the school, a written request to be submitted at least, a week in advance.
10. Those who make visits to the school should contact the office first and follow the instructions given from there.